Carole King – Where You Lead I Will Follow (With Louise Goffen)

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  1. ben表示:

    Gilmore Girls 的主题歌, 巨喜欢

    • 管理员表示:

      這首歌滿好聽的,Carole King是個不錯的歌手喔!

  2. 薄荷巧克力表示:

    Knowing you the way I do
    I only want to be with you
    And I will go to the ends of the earth
    For Darling to me that's what you're worth
    Where you lead,I will follow
    Anywhere that you tell me do
    If you need,you need me to be with you
    I will follow,where you lead
    If you're out on the road
    Feeling lonely and so cold
    All you have to do is call my name
    And I'll be there,on the next train

    I always want a real home
    With flowers on the window sill
    But if you want to live in New York city
    Honey,you know I will
    I never thought I could get satisfaction
    From just on man
    But if anywon can keep me happy
    You're the one who can…

    • 浩剛表示:

      「I only want to be with you 」改為「I know we're gonna make it through」更貼切,也更能引起我共鳴

  3. Kuava表示:

    第一次聽到是在gilmore girls的影集裡面聽到。


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